Ideal Desert Luxury Camp Situated in the Sand dunes of Erg Chebbi Merzouga, the biggest sand dunes of Morocco, and the most important to spend the at less one night for your holiday in Morocco and the possibility for several nights to enjoy more the Sahara desert of Morocco and Enjoy your special night under the stars at this beautiful colors of the Sunset and Sunrise, and possibility to experience a camel ride for sunset and sunrise from the top of the dunes. It is a modern desert Camp and comfortable with both options of the Tents, Luxury Tents and Standard Tents, and the traditional Moroccan food for your dinner and breakfast in the Sahara desert. It also provides you with several activities such as camel ride, Sand-boarding, the 4×4 excursions, Quad bike, and buggies.

The staff of Ideal Desert Luxury Camp is a well-experienced crew, that good work on making the stay very special and unforgettable, you will try a great mix of local traditional and testy food, moreover, waiters and servants caring of your comfort and making their best to make your stay special and satisfied, it is a nice, peaceful place in the middle of the desert.
We Are Waiting Of You!